This Checklist will help keep you out of prison, keep regulators at bay and stop you from being sued for £100k+ from your activities on social media

What this Checklist will teach you

how to stay out of hot water on social media - both for your business and personally.

The 5 most important tips

  • The CAP Code and what most businesses don't know could land you in court

  • Knowing what a 'defamatory' post REALLY is can stop you from being sued for £100k+

  • A simple method to avoid the huge costs from infringing other people's intellectual property

  • The 2 overlooked agreements you must have if you outsource your social media

  • How exaggerating the benefits of your product could land you in prison

About the author

Suzanne Dibble

The Small Business Law Expert

My name is Suzanne and I am compelled to help small business owners protect their business and personal assets. 

I used to work with HUGE businesses at the world's largest law firm DLA Piper and then with Richard Branson and ITV Plc.

But in 2010, I set up my own practice and discovered my true passion - helping small business owners with the practicalities of running their businesses from a legal perspective.

In this Checklist, you will find A LOT of high-quality free information and you will find even more on my website

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  • This is really helpful, thank you.

    Angela S., Midlands

  • Thank you so much. I talk a lot about the 'don'ts' but this is so useful.

    Fiona S., Swindon

  • Incredibly useful Checklist - thank you!

    Anna M., London

  • It gives me the reassurance I need

    David B. UK

  • Very useful and I feel privileged to have found it

    Cheryl S., England

About the Author

Suzanne Dibble is a multi award winning business lawyer with vast experience ranging from acting for plc’s on billion pound projects to helping micro businesses with their day to day business law requirements.

Having worked with Richard Branson, Simon Woodroofe and many other famous entrepreneurs and having been a board director of a £100m+ company, Suzanne is commercially minded and entrepreneurial in her outlook and clients appreciate her practical, jargon-free advice.

Suzanne was runner up in the prestigious Solicitor of the Year Award at the Law Society Excellence Awards 2011 and was also shortlisted in the Excellence in Client Service Award.  Suzanne has won many other national awards.

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